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Mauricio Pereira Art-Space
Scottsdale - AZ
Living in a world made of Hair and Photography.
Thursday, April 4

6:00pm PDT

Friday, April 5

9:10am PDT

11:05am PDT

1:15pm PDT

2:55pm PDT

5:35pm PDT

7:35pm PDT

9:10pm PDT

Saturday, April 6

11:15am PDT

11:25am PDT

1:05pm PDT

7:20pm PDT

9:30pm PDT

Sunday, April 7

10:20am PDT

12:35pm PDT

2:25pm PDT

4:20pm PDT

6:30pm PDT

6:35pm PDT

Monday, April 8

10:15am PDT

12:30pm PDT

2:50pm PDT

5:00pm PDT

7:10pm PDT

9:25pm PDT

Tuesday, April 9

10:15am PDT

12:25pm PDT

2:45pm PDT

5:05pm PDT

7:10pm PDT

9:10pm PDT

Wednesday, April 10

7:05pm PDT

9:10pm PDT

Thursday, April 11

7:30pm PDT

9:30pm PDT

Friday, April 12

5:45pm PDT

7:55pm PDT

10:00pm PDT

Saturday, April 13

9:05am PDT

9:20am PDT

1:30pm PDT

3:35pm PDT

6:30pm PDT

8:05pm PDT

9:50pm PDT

Sunday, April 14

9:45am PDT

12:15pm PDT

2:15pm PDT

4:20pm PDT

7:00pm PDT